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Software Patents Are Resilient in the Wake of Alice Corp. vs. CLS Bank

With the one year anniversary of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank Int’l. (decided on June 19, 2014) recently passed, Envision IP and The Patent Box, LLC  have collaborated to analyze the impact of the decision on patent application filings from the technology, financial services, and automotive sectors. In the first […]

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Apple May Acquire Patents for Autonomous Car Technology

The Guardian reported last week that Apple is building a self-driving car. If the report proves true, Apple will join Google in the autonomous vehicle race, and the dream of driver-less cars on our highways may be one step closer to commercialization. Envision IP analyzed Apple’s patents and published patent applications related to vehicle technology to […]

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Fitbit and Jawbone Have Very Different Patent Strategies

After Fitbit, Inc.’s successful IPO last week, the company is reportedly focused on increasing its product and services offerings by investing in research and development. Envision IP reviewed the US patent portfolios of Fitbit and Jawbone to understand how the two companies are protecting the innovations stemming from their R&D investments. The result is surprising, […]

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Patents Shows Widespread Augmented Reality Innovation

*This story has been updated since our original posting on May 26, 2015 to reflect accurate US patent holdings of Metaio GmbH and Osterhout Design Group. With the annual software developer conference Google I/O approaching next week, many in the wearable industry are wondering what place Glass will have on the agenda, and to what extent Google will […]

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Uber Files More Patent Applications, But Still No Issued Patents

This past March, Envision IP analyzed the patent portfolios of major on-demand car service companies.  At that time, there was very little patenting activity among Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, and others.  Considering the tremendous growth of this industry, and with Uber’s $40 billion valuation on the heels of a $1.2 billion financing round announced last week, Envision […]

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Box Prepares for its IPO With a Trove of Pending Patent Applications

Box, Inc.’s S-1 filing for its IPO was released last week.  Envision IP reviewed the filing to understand how Box has protected its technology, and how its patent portfolio compares against its peers.  Box states in its S-1 that “[a]s of January 31, 2014, we had four issued U.S. patents….and we had 80 pending patent applications […]