BlackBerry Patents Have a Relatively Long Remaining Shelf Life

Last year, Envision IP analyzed the shelf life of BlackBerry’s (then Research in Motion) US patent portfolio.  In an update to that analysis, we identified 5,136 in-force US patents currently owned by BlackBerry.  The average remaining term of the company’s US patent portfolio is approximately 12.1 years.

BlackBerry’s US patent portfolio has a significantly longer remaining term than the Nortel Networks and Motorola Mobility patent portfolios, at the time those patent transactions were announced.


BlackBerry’s patents also have a relatively strong average reverse citation count, with an average of 32 reverse citations per patent (down from 58 per patent last year).  Compared to Alcatel-Lucent and Nokia, whose US patent portfolios have 15 and 10 reverse citations per patent on average, respectively, this data suggests that BlackBerry’s patents (in general) may stand a higher chance of surviving an invalidity challenge than the patent portfolios of some of its peers.

Given the relatively long remaining term of its US patent portfolio and the high average reverse citation count, BlackBerry’s patent portfolio may be lucrative to any prospective acquirers who hope to monetize the portfolio, if a sale is indeed the path BlackBerry takes with its patent assets.

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