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Snapchat Acquired Core Patents Related to Mobile Messaging

Snapchat released its first hardware product earlier this week – wearable video-glasses coined “Spectacles”. The announcement caught many analysts by surprise, as the move shows Snapchat extending offerings beyond its traditional smartphone platform. Envision IP reported this past May that Snapchat had acquired a number of patents from IBM recently. The company currently owns 280 US patents, with 245 having […]

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Lyft Receives its First Patent, and Hints at More to Come

Over the last few years, Envision IP has reported on Uber’s patenting efforts, both through its own patent application filings, and acquisitions of patents. Until recently, Uber has dominated the patent landscape in the ride hailing/sharing industry. However, we have begun to see initial patenting activity by Lyft, which until this year, did not own […]

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Nintendo Patents Reveal Augmented Reality Innovations that Power Pokémon Go

With the recent headlines made by its Pokémon Go smartphone app, Nintendo’s gaming efforts are being revitalized, and the company is demonstrating a shift from its traditional hardware focus into software.  Envision IP analyzed Nintendo’s patent portfolio to see if and how the company is protecting its augmented- and mixed- reality technologies which power titles such as Pokémon Go. […]

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Apple Should Settle Patent Dispute in China to Ease Access to Chinese Market

Apple Inc. (APPL) might be wise to settle an infringement dispute over a patent covering smartphone design filed by Shenzhen Baili Marketing Services Co., after a Beijing court handed the struggling Chinese startup an injunction against the American giant’s sales of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in China if Apple wants to preserve its […]

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Twitter Grows its Patent Portfolio via Acquisitions

We last reported on Twitter’s patenting efforts back in 2013, when the company had announced its patent pledge.  At the time, Twitter owned only two issued patents. Since then, the company’s patent portfolio has grown tremendously, thanks mostly in part to Twitter’s acquisition of over 900 patents from IBM in 2014. The IBM patent acquisition was a […]

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Apple’s Aura of Invincibility Takes a Hit After Patent Settlement with Marathon and RPI

Apple Inc.’s (APPL) aura of invincibility took a hit this week when it agreed to pay $24.5 million to settle an enforcement action filed by Marathon Patent Group (MARA) and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute over patents related to the Siri personal assistant application. The company’s willingness to settle reveals a truism that is often underappreciated today […]

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Yahoo Has a Strong Patent Portfolio, But Reported Valuation is Too High

The New York Post reported this week that Yahoo’s patent portfolio could be worth up to $4 billion, as the company is currently seeking bidders in an auction for its core businesses. While the company has not explicitly discussed a separate patent sale, the value of the patent portfolio is likely to be a key factor […]

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Investors Pursuing Trading Strategy Around Biologics Patent Disputes

Patent investors looking for risk uncorrelated to the equity markets may want to consider a new trading strategy focused on disputes over biologic and biosimilar patents developed by the partners of a high-end boutique IP law firm, its investment consulting affiliate and an affiliated hedge fund. Gaston Kroub, Zachary Silbersher and Sergey Kolmykov are former […]

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Banks Outpace Technology Companies with FinTech Patents

Bloomberg reported last week that there has been increasing overlap in patented technologies between the banking industry and traditional technology companies in recent years. Even with the recent uncertainty regarding business methods patents in the wake of the Supreme Court’s Alice Corp. decision, and with the increasing vulnerability of software and methods patents before the […]

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Future of Sidecar May Lie in its Patent Portfolio

Sidecar announced today that it is licensing its patent assets to General Motors. While Sidecar was founded in 2011, the company’s co-founder Sunil Paul developed and patented ridesharing technology more than a decade earlier. Paul received US 6,356,838 in 2002, based on a patent application he filed in 2000. The ‘838 patent has been widely reported in the media, as […]